Community Involvement

The MTG Foundation was founded in May of 2005 by three women working for Modified Technologies who saw the need to help out a fellow employee. When a girl in our assembly department became very ill and was solely supporting her son and could not work during her illness, we felt we had to do something to help her with her medical bills and lost wages. We held a benefit dinner in her honor and raffled off donations that we had received from the surrounding business community. It was a great success and we were able to help her in her time of need.

The feeling was contagious and we found that there was a need to help others in our family of companies. The MTG Foundation continues to sponsor functions including bowling competitions, ticket raffles for sporting events and employee luncheons to raise money for employees in need. The MTG Foundation also receives generous donations from employees themselves via voluntary payroll deductions.

It is amazing to see blessings come full circle and the MTG Foundation strives to help employees in their time of need. Over the past several years, we have managed to help over 30 employees through the generous donations made to the foundation.

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